State The Meaning Of Not Negotiable Crossing

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Short notes types crossing cheques, In a special crossing, the name of a banker with or without the words ‘not negotiable’ is written on the cheque. such a cheque is crossed specially to that banker. it should be noted that two transverse parallel lines are necessary for a general crossing, whereas for a special crossing, no such lines are necessary..
Crossing cheques – types check crossing, There are three different types of crossing of cheques and by check crossing , we mean not negotiable”. the practice of crossing types of crossing of.
Different types crossing cheque, What are the different types of crossing of cheque ? it may be general crossing , special crossing , not negotiable crossing and account payee crossing ..

Crossing cheques – wikipedia, Crossing cheques words ‘ negotiable’ added crossing. respective restrictions mandate pay cheque state bank .
Not negotiable cheque – banker, words, crossed, act, " negotiable " cheque. cheque crossed generally specially " negotiable " added thereto, holder add words. bills exchange act, 1882, state , , words " negotiable " transverse lines..
Banking articles: crossing endorsement cheque., Crossing endorsement cheque. meaning: special crossing implies words “ negotiable” addition.


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